Say Goodbye to Chickenpox   

Cooling mousse for instant relief.
PoxClin CoolMousse - promotes healing and prevents infection.

How to use

For treatment of large surfaces of the skin infected with chickenpox:


Apply PoxClin CoolMousse in ample quantity three times a day or whenever relief is desired on the affected skin area. Apply the mousse softly into the skin - do not rub. PoxClin CoolMousse is is a light, smooth mousse and will be absorbed by the skin in little time.

For prevention of scarring:
More frequent application of the mousse increases the efficiency. The mousse relieves the itch and protects the skin, thus resulting in less scratching and fewer infections. It is recommended to apply the mousse prior to each time the child changes clothing and whenever relief is required.

The mousse dispenser of PoxClin contains 100ml of an all-natural CoolMousse. PoxClin CoolMousse has a light and pleasant fragrance as a result of lavender and camomile extract.

For more detailed information please check out the PoxClin CoolMousse Leaflet.